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By Satisvibes - Jan 30, 2016
  • Busking Tips

Being a musician is such an amazing feeling, you are inspired by musicians you grew with, those angelic voices in the back of your head through every problem you faced, it feels like a friend to you, such an amazing experience and form of communication, completely nude point of view, it really speaks too your soul. Where does this all come from, it comes from sharing, it comes from poetry of the universe, you have a message to share what better way than to share it with a natural form of communication, like the whales song, or the birds song, or your song, speak with the universe and it will speak to you, what I mean is busking is about sharing, it is the first lesson of music, to perform music without expectation of money, crowd happiness, anything, just singing from your heart to the open air, to nothing, this is what busking is about, its about basics, nothing but you and the music, it all happens from there, this is the beginning of your new life.

No matter where you are in life some basic things to remember is playing for the streets takes time and patients, it takes courage, it takes intelligence and it takes execution for each of these aspects you need keep focused and follow these tips as much as you can, this is a guideline, have your own spin, I will let you know who I am and well take it from there.

So who am I

Well my name is Joseph Brown, I am Maori descendant and music is in my veins, my busking journey has been going for three years now and music about  15 years, busking was the ultimate dedication and boost in my career, I have been living securely from busking for about a year and am capable to earn on demand. However it didn’t come from expectations it took sacrifice, humility, courage, patients and time to make it through the initiation into public expectation.

I wont talk to much about me because this is about you, in this article I will be running over different things to try to help you through your music career.

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