my busking journey with Satisvibes

By Melek Sen - Jan 30, 2016
  • my busking journey with Satisvibes

 How does it feel like living busking with Sativibes in the streets Gold Coast, experiencing it from two perspectives, as someone living with the musicians and witnessing pre, during and after vibe of the thing, and as an audience as well?..

I’ve got to start by saying that, as someone coming from the other part of the world to Australia, this experience has changed my perception of street performing quite a lot.. Although getting quite popular and hosting great talents, street performing in Europe would be something that people watch for one minute or two, throw away some coins and continue their day. Going out every night with Satisvibes, I have seen how people got kind of loyal listeners and wanted to come back every time and sit and listen for hours, even for the whole night..

It felt almost like a big street concert therefore..

Talking about loyal listeners, it is always so surprising how Satisvibes created that atmosphere that pulled people in naturally; they got so mind blown that they could not leave the vibe for hours, just dancing, listening with their eyes closed, watching around with a mixed sensation of confusion and enlightenment. We have witnessed people responding to the vibe so pure and positive in their different ways.. Some said that this is the best place to listen music in all Gold Coast, some have canceled to continue their night out with friends but decided to sit on the ground and listen to the music instead, one guy has said at the end of the night this vibe attracted him so deep that he doesn't know what to do with his life anymore, another guy just got so mind-blown by the music that he stayed with that amazed expression in his face all night long, one girl talked about how this vibe has made her soul heal and forget about her problems..

I don't think it is too much to say that people's souls are healed slowly with the vibe.. It is so obvious that even the policemen are on the "same side" as the song says.. One great example is the atmosphere we had in the whole two weeks of "Schoolies". Obviously, the kids at that age tend to be a bit active and get wasted and tend to create some problems for the police in the schoolies period. Satisvibes had a mission  in that period in their minds, and wanted to get these kids of the future from the empty fun, and wanted to educate them with their lyrics, put some healing to their souls. After seeing them sitting around the music peacefully and singing that they can "learn to work and play, and get along with each other",the police only has respect and support for Satisvibes now. From time to time, I see many cases similar to these and believe in the power of music and vibe once more..

This is of course a give and take experience, a complete circle, a play that everyone has a role.. The streets also inspire Satisvibes in their music, their lyrics, their mood and actions. An event may inspire Satisvibes to write a whole song about it, the vibe of peace and love might trigger Satisvibes to go out at midnight no matter how tired or busy they are, to continue the same vibe, the fact that a busker can end a possible fight on the street can inspire everyone to believe in the power of music more.

Busking is a great way to feel music in a really simple and pure way. It creates an opportunity to attract musical people and jam together, whether a drummer, rapper, harmonica player, free-styler or just a drunk person wanting to sing a song together on the microphone:) Still makes you see the magic of music. It is a great way to bring completely different people together, a millionaire and a homeless, sit side by side and heal their souls for some time. It is a deep experience in a really simple situation.

Satisvibes will continue to give good, positive, peaceful, healing vibes to the streets as much as possible, although they will be more focused on an album and gigs from now on. They will actually try to give the vibe and message to wherever needed.

And streets were definitely a good start.




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