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Friday, 9/1/2016
Friday, 9/1/2016
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06:30 AM - 11:30 AM
1/38 Cavill Avenue
Ultra Lounge
Come down and have a chill with Satisvibes every Friday from 6:30 till late......
Ultra Vibes @ Ultra Lounge

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How The Vibe Arrived

The creation of this Vibration

What is satisvibes

This one is easy a satisfied vibe is what it is, we aim to create a vibe that leaves you in complete satisfaction in everyway, spiritually, healing, musically and every other way you can see it being a good night, we range our music from reggae to slow jams, the covers we choose are specified towards music we find most healing and originals are a metaphoric orgasm only if you listen to the words closely, the good word is the true word we aim to speak truth.

Music is healing

The fact that music speaks to the subconscious soul is a reassuring position for good music, reflecting back to a specific point in life is exactly the power of music, we understand this so every song we write Is aimed to make you reflect and possible heal some old memories, we want to share with you a good vibe, good healing so listen closely to the songs we sing and find the message.